Old Songs

From mountains, valleys, forests, deserts and across seas, songs have come to our shores carrying the expressions of our ancestors’ voices. Songs of celebration, songs to mark the passages of life: birth, adulthood, marriage, death, work songs, protest songs, songs to heal, songs to express suffering, love, beauty, humour, songs of nature and songs of prayer and worship of the divine. Songs which have passed from one person to another, changing their rhythm, their melody, their meaning.
Amongst the songs we sing are: songs with dance rhythms from Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, both tribal and religious songs from Africa with their full, open harmonies, songs full of resonance from Georgia, lyrical, haunting songs from Scotland/Ireland, humorous English rounds and catches from 1600s, unmistakeable plaintive sounds of Jewish music and we sing…

New Songs

There are many exciting and talented composers who are writing and arranging for community choirs in the UK. To name a few: the Scottish composer – Ali Burns whose extraordinary and evocative lyrics and harmonies transport the singer to other times and places- the composer and teacher Nickomo Clarke whose rich layers harmonies are very powerful and moving to sing. Helen Chadwick, a London based composer whose beautiful texts and arrangements are a vocal feast. Nick Prater, inspired by a wealth of spiritual traditions, writes part songs which are wonderfully heart opening. Shropshire -based Polly Bolton is another favourite with her jazz/blues-influenced compositions.

1. Sumer is a Cumin In
2. Song of Gloucestershire
3. Love That You Were
4. Drumsound
5. Searching for Lambs
6. Take the Kids Away
7. Ajde Jano
8. Motorway Mazurka + La Chapka
9. Cuckoo as I Was Walking
10. Umaya
11. Come Again
12. Harsaneek
13. And There Were Angels
14. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
15. Around the World for Sport + Weasel in the Grass
16. Fareweel Regality

1. Hele Mama
2. Moon in Her Arms
3. Ava Maria + O Signore
4. Green Things
5. Growing
6. Mel accordion solo + Ribeannan
7. Bring in the May
8. The Frozen Sea
9. This Great Sky
10. Greek & Macedonian Tunes
11. Na De
12. Some Nights
13. Wings of a Dove
14. Give Me Wings
15. Child of the Earth (rehearsal)
16. Child of the Earth – People of Power

1. Wings of a Dove
2. Da Pacem Domine
3. J’ai Laissez La Bas
4. Mravalxamier
5. Aka Shire Kisho
6. Emerald Stream
7. Wade in the Water
8. Peace in our Time
9. Some Nights
10. Famba Naye
11. Hoy Lay
12. Kath’s tutorial: all parts of the above songs

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A Glos Song

Aka Si Rekisho

All That You Are

Angels with Chorus

Ar Lan Y Mor


Autumn Final Copy


Bring in the May

Come Drinke to Me

Dancing at Whitsun

Deck The Hall

Devoiko Mome

Diggers Song

Donna Nobis

Drumsound Final With Cass Clef

E Te Ariki

Fareweel Regality Final

Hana Ava Baba

Moon in her Arms


Peace Version1


Shenhar Venahi

The Blanket Song

Tradition Never Dies


We are Gathered Here

When Your Face is Hidden from Me